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Chris Jacotine & Partners offers Engineering Services in the following areas:

Building inspections and condition reports, due diligence reports etc.

Building inspections and condition reports will identify potential issues and problems with the building services, compliance issues and future capital expenditure for maintenance/ replacement/upgrade. Should you be looking at a change of use, we can also advise on suitability of the existing services and capacity for expansion.

Energy Audits and efficiency upgrade recommendations

Inspections of existing services design and operation, including mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulics systems can be undertaken to identify opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption, and save ongoing operating costs of the building. The technologies available to save energy, through more efficient plant and systems, is continuously improving in the market place and we are abreast of the current, available and proven systems.

Energy auditing provides a means of further detailed evaluation of existing energy usage and can offer additional guidance on particular areas or systems that require attention. Comparison of performance to established benchmarks such as NABERS can be made, with recommendations to achieve a target rating.


Sustainability in design is an intrinsic element in the approach we take for the work we do. We are familiar with the various rating systems in the market such as Greenstar, NABERS, and the international benchmarking systems, and can design our services to meet the specific objectives you have; with regards to the achievement of a specific sustainability criteria.

Design Services

We provide design documentation for a range of project types and procurement models. Our engineers are highly experienced in all facets of building services design and our delivery approach ensures we are fully aware of our client’s requirements and objectives. The services are designed holistically and in coordination with the design team and the systems are installed and commissioned to meet the client’s objectives.

We have successfully completed projects in the following fields:

  • Laboratories and Research facilities
  • Commercial Office
  • Medical / Health Care Facilities
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • Residential Apartments and Houses
  • Public Entertainment – Concert Halls, Theatres
  • Education & Teaching Facilities – Schools, Child Care and Universities
  • Retail – Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Big Box Retail
  • Light industrial


Peer Review

We offer peer review of other consultants’ or contractors’ designs to ensure that the project brief given by the client is satisfied; including quality, performance and the technical veracity of the design. Detailed checks along each step of the design process are undertaken including of engineering calculations, plant and equipment specification, coordination, and conformance to codes and standards. This is recommended for projects taking a Design and Construct procurement route.


Construction Phase Support

Construction phase services cover checking that the procurement, coordination, installation and commissioning of the services are implemented in accordance with the design and client requirements, as well as verification of the validity and fair value of any variations claimed.

The services offered during the construction phase of a project include:

  • Site inspections, defects and progress reports
  • Response to technical queries
  • Review of contractor equipment selections and other technical submissions
  • Review of work shop drawings
  • Review of progress and variation claims
  • Witness testing of engineering systems
  • Review operation and maintenance manuals and as installed drawings
  • Defects liability period inspections
  • Witnessing of any performance tests or recommissioning tests if applicable


Independent Commissioning Agent

An Independent Commissioning Agent is often required on Greenstar projects and we offer a comprehensive review of the design, installation and commissioning activities of a project to ensure that adequate design provisions, installation process and commissioning procedures are planned and implemented throughout the project.

Building Tuning and Re-commissioning

Building tuning and recommissioning improves the performance of building services and energy efficiency. Periodical building tuning and recommissioning ensures systems are performing at their optimum level which leads to improved comfort levels and lower operational and maintenance costs; down the track. We are experienced with commissioning and are thorough in our approach to ensure that the system installed is measured accurately and all defects within the system are pointed out and addressed.

Expert Witness

We have experience in providing expert witness assessments and reports in accordance with the standard format required for presentation to court and the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.